List of books I highly recommend for any engineer to read.

I highly recommend this book for any java lover. The book emphasizes on best practices for code, design and java syntaxes. The best part is that book is divided into smaller chapters with each chapter covering single java conept in details. Topics include: Collections, GC, Threads, OOPs etc. A must read.

Good book for the beginners, who want to build right habit and practice in their development environment. I like to hand this book to interns or new graduates who join our team to help them understand what we do and how we do in our team. I highly recommend this for team reading

Are you interested in understanding how recommendation engines are built? How amazon/netflix recommend you movies, books based on what you are viewing and what other people are doing? Good read for people interested in knowning mathametical concepts such as regression, derivatives and how to use them for big data, machine learning etc. Good start for beginners.

Data structures is the fundamental of the computer science. It is the foundation of software concepts and building block of programming. Also this is the very frequently asked concept for job interviews at Google, FB, Amazon etc. This book is highly recommend to understand the DS concepts such as LinkedList, Tree, Queue, Graphs, Dynamic Programming and don't forget to practice the questions at the end of the chapter.

I love how the Head First's books are written. They give lot of examples and tips to help you understand concepts. This book is written with an easy context to understand the Design Patterns which will help in building a good foundation.

One of the first book on Design Patterns by GOPs which has helped build the foundation for Design and object oriented concepts. I recommend it highly

This is a book that one could get started on the idea of "good code" - clean, readable, elegant, simple, easy-to-test, etc. It has the usual stuff that you'd expect - good naming convention, testable code, single responsibility, short classes, short method etc. Good read for people who and striving for improving their code quality are trying to setup the code standards.